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Our dike breaching research published in WRR

Overtopping of fluvial dikes (or levees) can lead to the failure of the dike and massive flooding in the protected areas. Flood risk management requires accurate predictions of the breach expansion and of the flow through the breach. Existing methods are limited to frontal dikes (embankment dams) and do not apply for fluvial dikes.

A new tool for automatic baseflow separation

Base flow represents the groundwater contribution to river flow. Its estimation is of overwhelming importance in hydrological modeling and water resource management, particularly during low flow periods. We propose a new automatic procedure to calibrate a filter used for deriving base flow from measured river flow. The method operationality and robustness is demonstrated for a broad range of catchments.

Spatial planning strongly influences future flood risk in Wallonia (Belgium)

Les recherches du HECE sur les ondes de la RTBF La Première


Rediffusion ce samedi 04/08 à 15:00 de l'émission "Les Eclaireurs" consacrée notamment aux inondations :


5th Symposium on Hydrological Modelling of the Meuse basin

It is our pleasure to announce the 5th Symposium on Hydrological Modelling of the Meuse basin on Thursday, 13th September 2018 in Liège (Belgium). This is a joint initiative of the research group HECE and Deltares.

Les inondations urbaines sous la loupe !

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The research group HECE is an associated partner in the DEUFI project recently approved by the leading French research agency ANR. Gathering partners from the academic, governmental, and private sector, DEUFI aims at mitigating the impacts of urban flooding, through an improved understanding the flow dynamics between streets and building structures in urban environments.

Influence du tissu urbain sur les risques d'inondations : une comparaison de 2000 quartiers synthétiques

4th symposium on the hydrological modelling of the Meuse basin

Le quatrième symposium "Hydrological modelling of the Meuse basin" se déroulera à Liège le vendredi 13 octobre 2017. La participation est gratuite mais l'inscription préalable par email est souhaitée (Bernhard.Becker@deltares.nl). Le programme peut être téléchargé ici.

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